About me


My name is Jurgen Allewijn and this is my personal blog. I work as a principal consultant at Luminis. I have more then 20+ years of experience in IT. During this period my focus shifted from Novell to Windows NT4/Active directory to VMware to (public) cloud and cloud native. My focus has always been on the infratructure/ops side of IT. For more information about my job history please visit my Linkedin profile.

My Microsoft transcript can be found here. Other certifications that I hold can be found under the menu item Certifications.
For VMware, AWS and Docker is also have some accreditations.

I like to share my knowledge regarding IT-related topics. One way of sharing is this blog. Most of my posts will be around a virtualization, (public & private & hybrid) cloud solutions and the cloud native landscape as these topics have my interest and also are the topics which I come accross during my job. I also give workshops and training around cloud native related topics, like Docker Fundamentals, devops, etc. to customers and colleagues.

The public events where I will (co)present a session can be found here.

I'm a father of two sons. When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and on my hobbies. Next to my IT and playing mmo's like World of Warcraft and New World. Next to that I really enjoy archery. I'm member of archery club HBSV Brederode. I'm a traditional archer which means that I shoot with a wooden bow and wooden arrows. From the different ways of practicing archery I like 3d archery the most. For more information about 3d archery visit the HBSV Brederode site.

mail: info@jurgenallewijn.nl
LinkedIn: LinkedIn profile
Personal tweets: @jurgenallewijn
Mastodon: @jurgen@hachyderm.io
Disclaimer: jurgenallewijn.nl is my personal blog and it only reflects my opinion and not the opinion of my employer.