Docker Randstad Meetup: June 2016

Yesterday I was together with two KPN colleagues  at the meetup from Docker Randstad. The meetup was hosted by Blendle in the center of Utrecht. Blendle also arranged the food and drinks. After everybody had some time to eat a slice of pizza, the official part of the evening started. Before the sessions started, Blendle was given the opportunity to tell how they use Docker.


First presenter was Stijn Polfliet, founder and ceo of CoScale. Stijn had a presentation which consisted of two parts. First part was about Anomaly detection. He explained the different challenges you face if you want to apply anomaly detection and which methods you can use. He also explained the pro's and cons of the different methods. The second part of the presentation was about Performance monitoring for Docker environments. He mentioned some of the most commonly used tools like CAdvisor, Datadog, Scoutapp and Sysdig. For each of these tools he also mentioned the pro's and the cons. He also talked about tools like New Relic, which was in his opinion more suited for the monitoring of more monolithic environments. Stijn also showed a demo of the monitoring tool of CoScale.


After the break Pini Reznik, cto of Container Solutions, presented the Docker State of the Union. Pini gave an update about the announcements that were made on DockerCon 2016 in Seattle. The announcements on DockerCon were split up in the non commercial/open source on the first day and the commercial on the second day. The non commercial announcements are:

  • Public beta Docker for Windows and Mac
  • Docker for AWS and Azure
  • Experimental Distribution Application bundles
  • Docker engine with built-in orchestration

The commercial announcements:

  • Docker Datacenter on AWS and Azure
  • Docker Store


Again an interesting Docker meetup session.  Thanks to the speakers for the interesting and informative talks and thanks Catalin and Blendle for hosting it.