DockerCon 2017 schedule

This is my first DockerCon that I will attend. Like with VMworld, I will blog about the conference. As the conference starts in a few days I want to share what my schedule will look like. The thing I noticed the most was that building VMware schedule is most of the time quite easy. For DockerCon I found it more difficult as I'm not using Docker at the moment. These are the sessions I have planned at the moment:

  • What's new in Docker
  • Navigating the Docker Toolset in Visual Studio and Azure
  • Creating an effective images
  • From Zero to Serverless in 60 seconds, Anywhere
  • Kubernetes for Docker Users
  • Tips & Tricks of the Docker Captains
  • Empowering Docker with Linked Data Principles
  • Small, Simple and Secure: Alpine Linux under the Microscope
  • Monitoring Containers: Following the data
  • Run your Docker apps in Production on Google Cloud with Kubernetes
  • Looking Under the Hood: containerD
  • Docker to the Rescue of an OPS Team
  • Taking Docker to Production: What You Need to Know to Decide

On Thursday I have planned the Moby Project Summit