DockerCon 2018 Europe first day

Docker Backpack

Today is the first day of DockerCon 2018 Europe. Today you can follow different workshops, partner day, hands-on-labs, hallway tracks and round table session (invitation only).

The day started with picking up my badge and backpack. After that I went to my first workshop of this conference. The workshop was about migrating .NET applications to containers. The presentation was given by Elton Stoneman. The workshop was setup in a format where you could choose to only follow it as a presentation or participate by doing the exercises yourself. I chose the latter. The workshop started with the conversion of a monolithic .net application to a container based applications. In the steps after that the components that made up the applications were split. In the end there was a .NET application it was transformed in a microservices based application.

After the lunch I attended the Partner technical track. This was presented by Pieter de Bruin and Steven Thwaites. This was a free format session. Pieter started with asking what the expectations were from the audience. After an inventorisation of the wishes, Pieter and Steven adapted their presentation to answer the questions and address the topics that came out of the inventorisation.

After the partner track I attended a client round table session, with as topic Culture and Processes: Adopting DevOps and Containers. The client host for this roundtable was Don Bauer, who shared about his experience at Franklin American and how they introduced Docker and made it a success. Together with te other people attending the roundtable we shared our experiences and challenges. Very interesting to hear the challenges that other companies face an what maybe solutions.

This first day ended with the Welcome Reception in the expo hall. Always interesting to speak with vendors and the solutions that they offer.

Docker Whale