Ebook series: Kubernetes

Two ebooks about Kubernetes

The state of the Kubernetes Ecosystem

Kubernetes emerged from a need to run cloud-native applications on a massively scaled network, and that’s exactly what it’s enabling its growing user base to do. The demand for platforms that can run web-scalable workloads means Kubernetes is increasingly under consideration by IT engineering teams, and many will choose to adopt the project. This ebook serves as a primer for both newcomers, assessors and implementers who are looking to make the most of the ecosystem of products and services emerging around Kubernetes. We also go well beyond the basics and explore where Kubernetes fits into the DevOps pipeline, how to overcome production challenges, and considerations for Kubernetes adopters. This ebook covers topics that include:

  • An overview of the Kubernetes platform, components and architecture.
  • An infographic exploration of the Kubernetes DevOps pipeline.
  • Original data research and findings from our Kubernetes User Survey.
  • A checklist for users and leaders wanting to assess Kubernetes.
  • Best practices for overcoming issues with Kubernetes in production.

Use Cases for Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a container management platform designed to run enterprise-class, cloud-enabled and web-scalable IT workloads. For both new users and recent adopters, it’s important to highlight how Kubernetes is being utilized by teams and organizations. This ebook begins with an overview of the Kubernetes platform and how it functions, then covers the usage patterns and key deployment scenarios of customers using Kubernetes in production. We’ll also take a look at the projects and companies, such as CoreOS, Intel and Red Hat, working to push Kubernetes forward for the entire ecosystem. The ebook covers topics including:

  • The rise of container orchestration and management.
  • An overview of the Kubernetes platform and architecture.
  • Deployment targets for Kubernetes-based solutions.
  • Top customer use cases for Kubernetes.
  • What you need to know when using Kubernetes.

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