Free e-Learning: VMware Integrated OpenStack Fundamentals

Summary: - Format: Self-Paced - Length: 3 Hours Overview: In the VMware Integrated OpenStack Fundamentals course, you will learn how VMware supports the open-source and industry standard OpenStack framework for managing public and private clouds. This course covers the features and advantages of VMware Integrated OpenStack. It also covers the basic architecture, explains how to deploy and manage cloud-based IaaS, demonstrates the unique advantages that VMware brings to OpenStack, and describes the new features available in the latest release, including container management built on Kubernetes. This course is designed to be used with a hands-on lab, giving you the opportunity to use VMware Integrated OpenStack in a live deployment. While working through the hands-on labs is not a requirement for completing this course, the labs will provide a very clear and deep understanding of the advantages of VMware Integrated OpenStack. Objectives: By the end of this course, you should be able to meet the following objectives: • Explain what OpenStack is and how it enables organizations to build and manage public and private IaaS cloud services • Describe how VMware Integrated OpenStack enables organizations to easily deploy production-grade OpenStack Clouds on VMware Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) infrastructure • Review VMware Integrated OpenStack architecture and components • Use the VMware Integrated OpenStack Hands-On Lab to build a basic cloud infrastructure built on the VMware SDDC • Explain how VMware vRealize solutions simplify and enhance OpenStack operations, provide proactive troubleshooting, track costs, and enable a comprehensive automation platform • Describe the OpenStack Application Programming Interfaces for compute, networking, image service, orchestration, and block storage • Explain how Kubernetes on VMware Integrated OpenStack simplifies application container management Outline: This course has five modules: • Introduction to VMware Integrated OpenStack • Getting Started With VMware Integrated OpenStack • Using vRealize Solutions to Operationalize OpenStack • VMware Integrated OpenStack API Consumption • Container Management With Kubernetes on VMware Integrated OpenStack