k3s: release v0.2.0 released


Rancher has released v0.2.0.of k3s. Information of the new release is in this article. As soon as I have some time and I have added two extra nodes to the cluster, I'm going to add the cluster to my Rancher server. I have upgraded my Raspberry Pi's to v0.2.0. The process of upgrading is really simple. Just download the new version and replace the old version of k3s with the new version and restart.

1pi@k3s-master-1:~ $ kubectl get nodes
3k3s-master-1   Ready    master   6d5h   v1.13.4-k3s.1
4k3s-node-1     Ready    node     6d4h   v1.13.4-k3s.1
5pi@k3s-master-1:~ $

Release v0.2.0 of k3s adds several important enhancements and addresses numerous bugs found by our community. Many of these improvements are the direct result of community members opening issues, submitting PRs, and testing fixes.

Features and Enhancements

  • Support arbitrary CRI implementations [#107] - Users can now configure k3s to use cri-o and other CRI implementations that are not packaged into k3s.
  • Support for preloading images [#92] - Users can now have node agents load docker images from a location on the host at startup, eliminating the need to pull images from a remote location.
  • Upgrade to Kubernetes v1.13.4 [#95] - Update to the latest release of Kubernetes.
  • Support k3s on Rancher [#69] - Users can now import k3s clusters into Rancher (supported in Rancher v2.2.0-rc3 and later).
  • Support agent options in server command [#73] - Users can now set any of the options available to agents when starting the k3s server node.
  • Support the ability to run k3s as non-root user [#38] - User can now run the k3s server as a non-root user.
  • Support the ability to read node token from a file [#98] - Users can now have the node-agent read its token from a file rather than passing it as a string.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where preloaded deployment manifests fail to deploy if no namespace is specified #151
  • Fixed an issue where changes to helm chart values or values.yaml aren't always triggering an upgrade #187
  • Fixed an issue where nodes with uppercase hostnames hang indefinitely #160
  • Fixed an issue where containerd log level environment variable is not respected #188
  • Fixed an issue where node-token path doesn't resolve for root user in agent scripts #189
  • Fixed an issue where traefik is not listed in the --no-deploy flag's help text #186
  • Fixed an issue where changing cluster CIDR was not possible #93
  • Fixed an issue where k3s systemd service should wait until the server is ready #57
  • Fixed an issue where test volume mount e2e fails for k3s image #45
  • Fixed an issue where component status is not accurate #126
  • Fixed an issue where install script fails if wget is not available #48
  • Added the ability to dynamically install the latest release of k3s #47

source: https://github.com/rancher/k3s/releases/tag/v0.2.0