KubeCon | CloudNativeCon Europe 2019 part 2

As I already explained in my earlier post, this was my first KubeCon | CloudNativeCon that I attended. What I liked about KubeCon was the diversity in sessions and that it was often a difficult choice per time slot which session to attend. For me this congress was next to attending sessions also about networking with vendors and other attendees. There were a lot of good opportunities and I spoke to a lot of people.

For me KubeCon started on Monday. I picked up my badge at the Fira in the afternoon and in the evening, my colleague and I were invited to a dinner with the guys and girls from Rancher Labs.This dinner gave us the possibility to already meet the people from Rancher Labs but also talk to some of the other attendees of Kubecon and users of Rancher products.

The Tuesday started with a talk with the guys from Twistlock. After that is was time for the first keynote sessions of this edition of Kubecon. The keynotes started with talk by Dan Kohn and Cheryl Hung from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.After that Brian Liles came on stage. He gave some updates from CNCF projects.

After the keynotes and I went for a quick strawl around the Sponsor Showcase. `it is interesting to see that a lot of tech companies are now jumping into Kubernetes. Some of the companies, like for instance SAP, surprised me with their offering around Kubernetes. As you look at the CNCF Cloud Native Landscape poster you see a lot of choice in applications and this was also reflected in the particpants in the sponsor showcase. At sponsor showcase I of course also gathered some swag like a lot of stickers, t-shirts, socks, etc.

Then in it was time for some session. First session was by Andrew Martin from Control Plane. Andrew spoke about security around CI/CD. After that I went to an intro session about [Helm](http:// 33:46 Intro: Helm - Michelle Noorali & Matt Fisher, Microsoft). After this session tit was time for lunch and another stroll over the sponsor showcase. Had some good talks with some of the sponsors. One of the other interesting sessions in the afternoon was [Streamling Kubernetes Application CI/CD with Bazel.](http://Streamlining Kubernetes Application CI/CD with Bazel - Gregg Donovan & Chris Love) My last session for the day before the keynote sessions was the session [Kubectl Apply 2019: Defense against the Dark arts](http://Kubectl Apply 2019: Defense Against the Dark Arts - Phillip Wittrock & Jennifer Buckley, Google). During the closing keynotes of that day, Gabe Monroy of Microsoft announced [Service Mesh Interface](http://Democratizing Service Mesh on Kubernetes - Gabe Monroy, Microsoft & CNCF Board Member). You can read more info about smi here.

The second day of the conference started with keynotes by, the opening by Kubecon host Bryan Liles. After that came an interesting keynote by David Xia, Keynote: [How Spotify Accidentally Deleted All its Kube Clusters with No User Impact](Keynote: How Spotify Accidentally Deleted All its Kube Clusters with No User Impact - David Xia). Interesting story about how learning from mistakes is more important than playing the 'blame game'. Other interesting session of that day were, M3 and Prometheus, Monitoring at Planet Scale for Everyone - Rob Skillington, Uber and Build a Kubernetes Based Cloud Native Storage Solution From Scratch - Sheng Yang, Rancher Labs. During the second day I also visited the sponsor showcase as there were so many interesting vendors to talk to.

Thursday was the last day of Kubecon. I had some good sessions this day like the keynote from ABN AMRO by Laura Rehorst and Testing your K8s apps with KIND. After attending the session about KIND I installed it on my Macbook. Very cool product. I also installed Rancher Rio on the cluster created by KIND. Also a very cool product. Next to the sessions I had a meeting scheduled with Rancher about, amongst other things, the roadmap around k3s, Rio which was just released and shared experiences with the products of Rancher.

All the sessions of Kubecon are recorded and put on Youtube. Here is my top 5 of sessions that I attended and I liked:


It was a very interesting conference. Had a lot of good talks with vendors and attendees. Also saw a lot of interesting sessions. It is now important to follow up on the conversations I had and use the knowledge I gathered in the different sessions Looking forward to the next KubeCon | CloudNativeCon Europe.