New fling: Dispatch-Solo


This is an Open Source fling. Find out about VMware Open Source initiative on

Dispatch-Solo is lean version of Dispatch which has been packaged as VM appliance. The goals of Dispatch-Solo are simple:

  • Lower the barrier to entry - get started with Dispatch in a matter of minutes
  • Support nearly the full Dispatch feature set - API compatibility
  • Explore use-cases - get user feedback and iterate

Because Dispatch and serverless is still in its infancy, understanding use cases is the highest priority. It therefore makes sense to continue to focus on getting Dispatch in as many hands as possible and making it as easy as possible to get started exploring its usage. By packaging Dispatch-Solo as a VM appliance, getting started is quick and predictable.

For full documentation and examples see the Dispatch project page.


  • vSphere 6.0+
  • Fusion 10+
  • Workstation 14+
  • 8GB RAM
  • 2 vCPUs


See the Quick start Guide on the project page.