Certified Rancher Operator

Last week I completed Certified Rancher Operator: Level 1. I already had some experience with the products of Rancher Labs. I wrote some posts about the K3S product and I have implemented a Rancher based solution at a customer. Next to that I was part of team tht build a Rancher based platform to host different teams in a muli tenant setup. I already heard that Rancher was thinking about certifications for their products. I have to say that I like their approach. It is very easy to start. You have to go the Rancher Academy and create a account. Currently there is one training available but during the training there are references being made to the next training and at the end of the course they talk about some of the topics the level 2 training will contain. The training is a mix of presentations and demo's, via Youtube videos, and excercises you can do. The excercises are not mandetory but will help you understand the material better. The trainers Adrian Goins and William Jimenez are doing a good job in presenting the material. It easy to follow and complete because the videos are split up in small chunks so that you are able to complete parts of the training without having to block large parts of your day. After you have completed the training and passed the final test you get a certificate. You can see my certificate here

I can recommend this training to everybody who wants to do more with Rancher and Kubernetes. Personally I'm looking forward to level 2 :) .