Updated fling(s) for January 2019

This year started with 4 updated flings. Here is the list of the updated flings and the updates per fling.

Below are the change logs of this month's updated flings:

ESXi Embedded Host Client:

Version 1.33.1 build 12086396 (Fling 23) - January 31, 2019

**OVF issues **

  • Various fixes for ovf import issues
  • ISO files are now imported from OVAs 

**General **

  • Fixed an issue with special characters in datastore names in some versions of ESXi 
  • Fix swapped labels for transmit and receive in network chart 
  • Network adapters are added to the vm in the correct order 
  • Fixed issue with firewall notifications displaying incorrect information 
    provide notifications for expiring licenses 
  • Support for Swedish input locale in the vm console 
  • Display Fibre channel wwn and wwp as 64bit addresses 

vSphere HTML5 Web Client:

Fling 4.0 - Build 11785236

- New Features

  • Support for VC 6.7
  • ESX Agent Manager UI
  • MxN Convergence in System Configuration
  • Import Certificate and Generate CSR
  • Code Capture: the record button can be toggled between hidden and shown.
  • Ability to remove Script Bundles in Autodeploy for 6.7 VC
  • Ability to remove Discovered hosts in Autodeploy for 6.7 VC
  • Export licensing data in CSV for all licensing views
  • Add and Assign license with single operation
  • Authentication Proxy configuration for VC 6.5+ (VC > Configure  > Settings > Authentication Proxy)

- Improvements

  • Improved performance for Files browser for VC 6.7

- Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where starting a Code Capture recording would lead to dialogs loading slowly or not at all.

- Known Issues

  • To open the Fling UI, you need to use https:///ui
  • The VMware vSphere Update Manager (VUM) plugin will not be loaded when the Fling 4.0 is connected to vSphere 65

- Release Notes

  • The upgrade from Fling 3.x to Fling 4.0 will require to establish new connection to the vSphere by providing the vSphere credentials.
  • The Fling 4.0 is based on the vSphere 6.7 client and does not support vSphere versions prior to vSphere 6.5

vSphere PKS Plugin:

Version 1.0.1 - Build 168317

  • A PKS instance can be added to the plugin by providing the Ops Manager credentials
  • Support an alternate IP address (such as an NSX floating IP) to be used as the registration server and plugin server IP. It is assumed that the IP will be mapped to the appliance's NIC via other means
  • Minor bug fixes

vSAN Hardware Compatibility List Checker:

Version 2.0

  • Add 3 new checks
  • Controller is VMware certified for ESXi release
  • Controller driver is VMware certified
  • Controller firmware is VMware certified
  • Update HTML report format
  • Bug fixes