VMworld 2016 Day 1, be_Tomorrow

Today is the first day of VMworld 2016. The day starts with the general  keynote session. First speaker during the general session was Jean-Pierre Brulard, general manager EMEA. He started with some statistics. This VMworld there are 10k attendees, 300 sessions. This is the first time that VMworld and a AirWatch connect are held together. The second speaker was Pat Gelsinger,CEO. Pat spoke about the world in which you control nothing but are in charge. This is a good base for the hybrid cloud. Pat talked about Digital transformation, which is according to him the new buzzword. He said he rather used Digital Business as also legacy applications are still there. Pat also announced vSphere 6.5 and VSAN 6.5. After that Pat talked about the cross cloud architecture. Part of it is the cross cloud service consisting of two parts, Cloud Foundation and a set of SAAS applications which will become available in 2017. These SAAS applications will offer you cloud control over your cross cloud environment. Pat also addressed the AWS announcement. More details below in this post and other posts to come. After the general session I did a quick walk around at the Solution Exchange which also openend today.
Solution Exchange
After that I went for an early lunch because I didn't want to miss the session VMware Cloud on AWS. Last week AWS and VMware announced this new partnership. This partnership was also mentioned during the keynote and also yesterday during Partner sessions. VMware Cloud on AWS gives customers the possibility to run their workloads in the cloud with a lot of the benefits that AWS has to offer. One of the benefits is elastic drs, which causes in times of shortage of resources to automatic provision an extra host. This includes cpu,  memory and storage. VMware Cloud is based on vSphere 6.5, NSX and VSAN.VMware Cloud will be managed and operated by VMware people on AWS hardware.  This new service will be available mid 2017 starting with the Oregon location. After that all other AWS locations will follow. Not all information is yet public available but more information will follow in the coming months. I think this offering helps a lot of customer in their decision for moving forward with their current environment to the cloud.
VMware on AWS
For more information about VMware Cloud, you can also visit http://www.mindjudo.nl. The last session of the day is From Zero to VMware Photon Platform. VMware also made announcements around Photon Platform. Photon Platform now supports Kubernetes next to Cloud foundry.  Photon Platform also support now VSAN and NSX. VSAN is not required as local storage is needed. Shared storage is only needed for storing of the images that are used by the environment. Photon Platform uses vSphere as a base but doesn't use functionality like drs and ha.This kind of functionality should be taken care of by the application itself. Photon is primarily a command line driven environment but there is also a basic guide available. If you want to try Photon Platform you can download it here .
Photon platform