VMworld 2016 Day 3, be_Tomorrow

Today is the last day of VMworld 2016 Europe. It has been an interesting congress with a lot of topics and also a  lot of ways to get information. The last day of VMworld is always the Thursday and you see already of the attendees leaving as they travel back home. The venue gets quieter by the hour. This last days I had three interesting sessions scheduled:

  • Your Open-Source Datacenter
  • VM's and Containers: Extending Docker to vCloud Air
  • Introducing VMware Cloud Foundation

Your Open-Source Datacenter, was a session given by two enthusiastic guys, David Lloyd and Ramon Tarnavski.  They talked about the advantages of Source:

  • Low barrier of entry (free)
  • Community driven (many eyeballs on code)
  • Quality projects
  • Drive technological innovations
  • Prefered approach to computing
  • Allows speed to market
  • Choices and vendor lock-in averse

Amongs other things, they spoke about RackHD. RackHD is a tool which can help you with the following things:

  • Device Discovery, logging and alerting
  • Event based workflow Engine
  • Firmware management
  • System provisioning
  • Open access with RESTful API allowing your infrastructure to be defined as code

Very interesting session which much more information I will include in another presentation. After this session I followed VM's and Containers: Extending Docker to vCloud Air. This session started with an explanation what the difference is between cloud native applications and devops. After that the way Docker and containers work. Last part of the presentation was about the value that vCloud Air can offer to running Docker workloads in combination with vSphere Integrated Containers or Photon Platform. Also a lot of interesting possibilities to further investigate. Last session of this VMworld was Introducing VMware Cloud Foundation -a Closer Look. In this session the technical details behind VMware Cloud Foundation were shared. These are the characterics of VMware Cloud Foundation:

  • Delivers the next generation hyper-converged platform
  • Combines vSphere, VSAN and NSX into a single unified platform
  • Includes VMware SDDC Manager
    • Natively integrates the cloud infrastructure stack
    • Automates deployment and lifecycle of the cloud infrastructure stack
  • Provides the universal platform for any application - traditonal and cloud native
  • Available across private and public clouds

VMware Cloud Foundation, on premise, is not a roadmap product but direct available.  On the roadmap for VMware Cloud Foundation are:

  • VMware Cloud Foundation Service on IBM (available in Q4)
  • VMware vCloud Air (Beta in Q4)
  • VMware Cloud on Amazon (available in mid 2017)