VMworld Partner Exchange

Today VMworld 2017 started for me. Yesterday I flew in to Barcelona and got my badge and the backpack with, amongst other things, the water bottle and the shirt. Today is the partner exchange and the tam day. I had only sessins in the partner track scheduled. My first two sessions were about VMware Cloud on AWS. The first session was less technical but the second session went into more depth about the technology behind VMware Cloud on AWS. After that I attended the general partner sessions. Amongst the speakers there were Pat Gelsinger, Maurizio Carli, Ross Brown and Brandon Sweeney. The told us about the strategy and the partner organisation. After the keynote it was time for lunch. While not everybody who will be attending VMworld was already there, it was still very crowded.

Partner lunch

After the lunch I attended two other sessions around VMware Cloud on AWS. The second of those two was very interesting as it was about the 3rd party ISV ecosystem for VMware Cloud on AWS. Looking forward to the sessions tomorrow and the opening of the solution exchange.