AWS Certifications

I started 2021 with a focus on Microsoft Azure and also passed two exams which I also mention in earlier posts. In August I changed jobs. At my current employer there is more a focus on AWS as a cloud provider. Unfortunately my AWS certification had expired, so I had to start over again. My goal for 2021 was to pass at least the Solutions Architect Associate exam. I achieved that goal and also passed to other exams.

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practioner
  • AWS Certified Cloud Solutions Architect - Associate
  • AWS Certified Cloud Developer - Associate

In the preperation to passing the exams I made use of different sources. I used the training provided by A Cloud Guru. I also used the training and practice excercise provided by Whizlabs. The training that I really found useful were the training(s) by Stephane Maarek which can be found on Udemy. And of course the certification guides and the Skillbuilder resources provided by AWS itself. In the end I found the Developer exam the most challenging as that covers parts that I mostly don't focus on. The Solution Architect exam (SAA-C02) was also more challenging then the SAA-C01 which I took some years ago but I like the way that AWS is updating their exams and the way the validate your knowledge.

Next to the certifications I also passed two AWS accreditations

  • AWS Partner: Accreditation (Technical)
  • AWS Partner: Accreditation (Business)

For this year 2022, my goal is to pass at least the AWS Certified Security - Specialty and AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional. We will see how that goes :).

For more information about the certifications and accreditations you can check them on