Rebuilding my homelab

A month or so ago I started with building a homelab for running Kubernetes. I choose Raspberry Pi's to run my workloads on. I started with the use of kubeadm to deploy Kubernetes and chose the blog of Alex Ellis as my starting point. I ran into some problems in my attempts to get it working but finally I succeeded to get it working.

Soon after that Rancher Labs, released K3S which was targeted at edge and iot solutions and perfect for running on Raspberry Pi's. I installed K3S on my Pi's. I had at that time 4 Raspberry Pi's with each Pi in a separate case. I used a TPLink 5 port switch and a Anker power hub to power the Pi's.

I wanted to expand the number of Pi's and also make it more portable. So I chose an enclosure for I also bought three extra Pi's, a 10 port TPlink and a 8 port Anker Power Hub.